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Cairoscene Interview - IN HER SHOES: RULA ZAKI

In our second collaboration with Geox, we sit down with the unstoppable Rula Zaki - singer, teacher and, of course, mother of two - to talk work, play and priorities and why you won't catch her in stilettos.

When we meet up with Rula Zaki for a little shoe shopping at Geox prior to our interview, her eyes skim straight past the rows of electric blue and watermelon pink heels, even the cool strappy black wedges, and she selects a pair of chic white sandals with a silver buckle. “I’m a mum,” she offers in explanation at our perplexed glances at her choice of flats (in the competition between heels and flats, our girl brains are unintentionally and automatically geared towards towering stilettos, especially Geox's that are uber-comfortable). “I’m on my feet all day, so I prefer flats,” she says. But any girl can tell you that flats too can cause pain if the sole is too thin or the leather is too stiff. Luckily, Geox does flats too with equal gusto and serious style credentials. The shopping trip is a family affair with her two boys, Kareem, 12, and Tameem, five, and her husband Mohamed, a high school principal, all in tow. And it turns out these family-fuelled outings are a fixture in Zaki’s life, with the kids always included as much as possible. “I’m just more happy when they’re with me,” she says simply.


Maadi messenger:The Voice of Love and Peace

Interview by: John Wahba

I met Rula’s voice and her message of peace and unity few months ago and met her face to face in the opening night of the “Caravan Festival of the Arts” event hosted by St. John’s Church. That night she was singing her song “Ahl El Ketaab”. Listening to Rula singing these lyrics: 

Our Respect for each other
Will make this a beautiful world.
By Uniting together,
we can overcome the Impossible We have to wake up... we must revise our thinking,
No matter how much we differ in Colour 
Or even in physical appearance.
In the end our Destiny is One
And our Creator is also One was a great motive to speak to Rula after the event and to do my best to introduce her to all of you.


Egypt Today : Rula Zaki

This versatile singer is making it big in almost every venue, but seems to have been overlooked by the small screen By May Kaddah

Rula Zaki just might be the most famous singer you’ve never seen in a video. Trained by noted opera singers, Zaki has thus far charted a number-one hit, starred on stage and movie screens, and lent her voice to several commercial and charity campaigns. The only things this versatile singer hasn’t done, oddly enough, is make an album or a music video.

In a world of scantily clad one-named wonders, Zaki is slowly building a name for herself on her talent alone. She began her music career at the tender age of nine in school productions, and studied voice at the distinguished Lawrence University Conservatory of Music in the United States. Zaki has trained with Egyptian opera singer Dr. Raouf Zaidan and American opera singer and longtime Cairo resident Larry Catlin, who conducts the Cairo Choral Society. Her strong soprano sent her Arabic remake of Dean Martin’s “Sway” to the top of the local charts during Ramadan 2007.


Egypt Today : Making Memories

Rula Zaki’s Debut Album Zekrayati takes the Music World Back to Basics
by Passant Rabie


After being bombarded with music videos, billboards and albums of Arab singers who market sexuality rather than true talent, you naturally get skeptical when told to give a listen to the debut album of yet another female singer. However, as soon as you press play on Rula Zaki’s Zekrayati (My Memories), you travel back to the glory days of Fairouz and Omm Kolthoum, when it was all about the voice and not about the implants.


Zaki first pinged on the music radar five years ago when she garnered second place in the first season of Star Maker, Egypt’s own version of American Idol. Since then, her voice has graced private parties, commercials and the Arabic versions of The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. In September 2007, her Arabic remake of Dean Martin’s 1950s classic, “Sway,” which she turned into “Elby Daa” (My Heart Beat), reached the number-one spot on Nogoom FM’s music charts for three weeks in a row.



El Masry - El youm : Rula Zaki Reworks the Classics

Rula Zaki Reworks the Classics
by Nevine El-Shabrawy


Rula Zaki, a wedding and event singer, has finally gathered her work in an album to be released on Friday. This young talent, who is famous for winning second place in Egypt’s first Star Maker in 1993, presents a compilation of classic tunes redone with Arabic lyrics. It seems she has finally found a way to bring together her American education and Egyptian roots to create nine beautiful tracks that beg for black turtlenecks and long cigarette holders.


In some cases, the Arabic words are her own, though Zaki insists she is not a lyricist and says she would like to work with a number of lyricists on future albums. Despite her decision to rework tracks like “Besame Mucho” and “Ahwak, Ahwak” (Perhaps, Perhaps), Zaki eagerly anticipates the opportunity to work with lyricist and composer Khaled el-Bakry, and to sing original tracks on her next album.